CloneCD Versions


Can anyone tell me what the latest/last version of CloneCD is/was?

I’ve just re-built my PC and I’m starting to re-install all my programs, and the version I’ve got at the moment is I’m sure the last version I had was higher than this? I also seem to have lost the ‘sheep’ icon on my desktop? I now have two CD’s?

Can anyone help?


S.W is the latest version from SlySoft.


I have since found that version and installed it. Don’t suppose you know the latest version of CloneDVD do you? I have the same problem as before.


Mmmh, ever heard of google :slight_smile: ?? Anyway, it is CloneDVD Get it from Elaborate Bytes.

New CloneCD is out,

Maybe this time he knows where to go himself :slight_smile:

CloneCD Revision History

Thanks everyone!