CloneCD version 4.0 Final Release?

I just posted the article CloneCD version 4.0 Final Release?.

Interceptor and zwevendeman wanted to tell us about the final CloneCD version. Everywhere on the Internet there are different download pages to this new version. Also on different fora this version…

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Beta 30 seems pretty final to me - cetainly no obvious problems. :slight_smile:

there is still a bug in this version I can’t run the version 4.30 beta P-4 1.8 GHZ I have a liton 40125S (master) toshiba (slave)Hp9310i on a ide controller card 60gig hard drive.I tried everthing but version 3341 works great which I reinstalled.

Yup I will be reinstalling CloneCD which I never had a problem when making a backup :wink: Greets from a very Tired Diplomat :8 Thanks once again CDFreaks team for posting this topic for me. I will continue too put my best efforts in too help everyone :slight_smile:

CloneCD v4 BETA 30 works great on my pc :slight_smile: So far I have burned a couple images and a copy on the fly with no problems at all. Thank you Olli for your great product!

Dose anyone know if this version supports the KENWOOD 72x cd rom reader because the earlier version i always get the error cant read subchannel data from data tracks and cant read subchannel data from audio tracks :frowning:

CloneCD v4 beta 30 is a very nice burning rom for my sux CD-RW :slight_smile: Because my CD-RW can work on it again. before I can’t use my CD-RW to copy some protected CD, but now, i can do it!