CloneCD version 3 coming up!



I just posted the article CloneCD version 3 coming up !.

Submitted by: TestTube

Olli is busy making CloneCD version 3.
It seems that there was a small portion on the CD which was not copied by any program…

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pffffffff the ‘i was here first’ game has ended. so stop the crap!


who said he was first? I didn’t, i just posted a message LOL


OK Zise wins.

Wel we thought it was a long time since we saw an Update of CloneCD.
Let’s hope that Olli commercialise his new version, so we can sell it on silver…

I am very curious about the small part…

Pls more info on this…


Wow! A small section on the cd that we dont know about! I wonder what size is it?? I always knew CloneCD can find a way to bypass all protections!


Just a temporary set back. Best things are worth the wait. But we will have the last laugh when Clone 3.0 come up. Since Clone 3 is being designed to copy everything on the CD indiscriminatly, I guess there would only be one place left for the companies ro hide their protection, up their ass!!!


Not to be rude, but I thought CloneCD, as mentioned on his website that it already copies everything from the CD. Or, is this a lie or a mistake ???


The truth is lonecd is crap.
with the new securom i had the confirm that this app do not make a perfect copy but replyes the protection scheme.

-a part of the cd not used: yes! the cover


You don’t expect the protection to stay the same all the time do you? How the hell Cdilla would make the money then. The facts about clone cd is not and has never been a lie. If you would check your sources you would see that Cdilla has changed their famous protection scheme at least three times in the past few months, so is Sony with the securom. Over lets say an undisclosed number of copy protected game backup that I have had so far in the past few years speak for them selves. let me make an example here to make it easier, if you have a good antivirus on your system would you anticipate to use the same program for life, did not think so as you have to always UPDATE IT cause of the new viruses. Same applies for the protections, even more. You don’t honestly expect the companies to just sit still while clone blows away the multi million dollar protection which they are trying to sell the gaming companies. So now a new version of Clone is i the progress and it does tale time, money, supplies to write a good software. Other wise we would have a Crappy buggy software like adaptec garbage.

Very well though of pal,
comments like that really shows what sort of experience you have about protections let alone burning, a CD that is !


very well said PaRaDoX.


Does someone have a serial number for this version



Parox finally a clever voice


sorry I mean Paradox…


i agree for a 100 percent with
paradox. most of the the time
a read a lot of bulshit in this forum like who is the first with his replies and who is not.
so stop this crap and replie only if you have something
meaningfull to say.


Stavros and all: you BETTER keep the CloneCD version you have right now till a TESTED & WORKING serial for 3.x is out

New versions often means new serial protection and maybe booby-trapped softs
I would have warned…

Paradox: great answer

HPolimar: CloneCD is THE BEST copy prog ever and we don’t give a damn about covers, that would make ccd code heavier, just go nero fot that


Well, it’s possible Olli is right about this. There are more than 1 !! places on a CD which aren’t read by copiers.
For example in a standard ISO9660 system the first 10h (16) sectors are empty!!!
There are many way’s to check this out very easyly. If for example Macrovision or Sony or who ever places it’s decryption key here (like in SafeDisc) it’s not copied by ANY tool. And as it’s readable it’s copyable with some modifications.

But there are more gaps. The Volume Descriptors for example. Just download the rainbow books. It’s all in there.


Do you mean that the psx copy protection scheme can be defeat by a good reader with a good writer using CCD???


1)i was just kiddin about the covers.
2)Paradox:i perfectly known as the securom,safedisc,laserlock and psx lc protection changed during the months.
Clonecd shoul make a perfect copy of the original and is not like an antivirus…better is the same of an antivirus.
if it reallu makes 1:1 copy it should copy everything. But it doesn’t.
u have to upgrade it to newer version everytime something changed…just to support (to reproduce) the new protection scheme.
in a perfect 1:1 copy it doesn’t matter if safedisc changed api calls or if securom now copyes fuckin dll to system dir. The copy should be as the original.

so i hope version 3 of clonecd will have LIVEUPDATE ™.

I’ve used clonecd only for some italian fuckin game not available in other languages and then not crackable (if securom).
But a good cd with is crack dir is the best solution.
Is for this reason that the crackers had always my supports. From pedro (laxity) to bad crew for psx. U are the men


HPolimar, Dude have you perhaps tried using Perfectcopy or CloneDB to setup your CloneCD, it helps if its correctly configured.
AAAaaand u saying you only used it once and then concluded it doesn’t work, try it some more before you consider yourself enough of an expert to waste peoples time ok!!!


I believe there will be more and more protections based on watermarks. Sub-channel reaing will be a very important feature of a CD-ROM.