CloneCD version is available

I just posted the article CloneCD version is available.

another_lamer, phes, SirDavidGuy and steelrat used our newssubmit to tell us that there is an other version of CloneCD released.

Version 3 January 2002


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the111 Do yuo want me to buy it again ?:stuck_out_tongue: Nice to see these bug fixes coming straight away!! Good Job

newest versions of CCD are pretty useless… if you have WIN9x :4

win9x is as near as dead :slight_smile: I have win2k and never had saeen a windows of that relaibility (or something like that) :4

my Win98 runs fast & stable for nearly 2 1/2 years now… The OS is only as good as the user behind :stuck_out_tongue:

To theEYE: I don’t know why you say such a thing. Some experiments more with their PC’s than others. 8 years back i didn’t do much things with my PC except playing. And i never installled anything over and over every 6 months. Then 6 years ago i started programming and manipulating things. And sometimes it just does something it shouldn’t do.

Well, Zyron, i frequently “touch my running system”. I install loads of software, change hardware very often (even did a mo/bo change without re-install, no problems) and experiment really a lot. The point is, that i know what i am doing and i know how to undo it if something goes wrong.

As usual problems in win98 are most of the times located between the screen and the chair. Using it for years now without much problems.

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