CloneCD version released

I just posted the article CloneCD version released….

mok627 used our newssubmit to tell us that again a new CloneCD version has been released fixing a crash with WinXP/Roxio…

Version 20 December 2001

New features:


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I knew that there would be a new release today, he he… That’s why I didn’t download the version released yesterday! :slight_smile: Keep up the good work Olli!

You could hold up these releases to one every 2 months in my humble opinion. Oh well.

Ollie is the Craftsman of CDs! whitetie :slight_smile:

Ollie, you want to takeover MS, they could benefit by your style and quickness.

fb - If you were one of the people that it was causing the crash for would you want him to wait 2 months before fixing it? U’d be stuck with a version that was crashing your computer. He released a new version with new features, there was a bug in it that was causing crashes so, like the great guy he is, he worked his ass off to fix the problem as soon as people reported it to him.

Hey, no one said you HAVE to download the new patches. If your current version works, then it works…if it doesnt, you are happy Good’ole Ollie is getting out fixes this fast. :9

to you losers complaining up updates: SHUT THE %$(@*@ UP. I mean if you dont like so many friggin updates, don’t update! I haven’t updated mine for months, why? Because i don’t have to, Clone works fine!!! Why in the world are you waisting your time looking for new versions when you don’t wanna update…such idiots outthere… As o Olli, great job! There are a lot of software that only hope to be as awesome as yours. I mean you have to wait months or never, for some places to update thier software!

Whats up with cdclone everyones says it burns sd2 well but I have a sony 140e 8/4/32 and it doesnt seem to work at all is this burner not able to write the weak sectors or something I thought all the burner had to write was raw for the amplified weak sectors to work?? very confused

No, in fact it has only allowed a certain extra number of burners to work with SD2. Yours is obviously not one of them. I think there’s a list somewhere…

gordon: read for more info

ok I know my burner doesnt support EFM support but the amplified weak sectors wont burn and all people I know can burn it no worries and some have older burners than me I have tryed upgrading my fareware can someone tell me what the hell is going on with this stupid burner