CloneCD Version released

I just posted the article CloneCD Version released.

Oliver Kastl has just released a new version of CloneCD. This time only some bugfixes. This is the changelog:

Bug fixes:

Firewire and USB units did not work with Windows NT/2000 (Bug…

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Keygen still works for AND ! ENJOY 24x max, thats what the future holds and clone cd are ahead of the game and ALWAYS will be ! :slight_smile:

I wonder what’s new in… It’s little bit bigger than…

its bug fixes, read the post and you will find out !!!

Version 20 April 2001 (2nd public beta release) New features: Added support for all the remaining JustLink Recorders, e.g. MUSTEK MRW-121032 Added support for HP CD-Writer+ 9700i (both models with and without BurnProof) Added support for HP CD-Writer+ 9900i (DVD Combo Drive) Added French language file (if you have comments on the translation, write to Added Swedish language file Compatibility fixes and improvements: Hardware requirements updated. Workaround for problems with MaPower external USB cases when reading CD-Text Bug fixes: Firewire and USB units did not work with Windows NT/2000. Fixed reading of Subchannel Data with HP CD-Writer+ 9500b Possible hang after simulated writing fixed. JustLink feature was not implemented correctly. Some wrong information in Hardware requirements changed.