CloneCD Version is out



I just posted the article CloneCD Version is out.

Submitted by: mok627
Source: CloneCD homepage

The first CloneCD version this year!

New features:

  • Added DAO-RAW support for YAMAHA CD-Writers CRW2100E and CRW2100S. You will need Firmware…
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I will d/l this new version, but will have to wait (a long time) 4 a new and working key i guess


so i take it that i can use my old key for the previous version of clonecd and it will work fine? damn wheres that key


i read in cloneclinic that clonecd cant copy sd2…and it wont in futare!!!



WaD up!..yo dis progarm aint workin on mines…da older version…works soo much beta…


The update doesn’t work om my registered version. Error on restart.


Sux, Upgraded with this version of cloncecd, FAILED.


Dam i was hoping Safe Disc 2 cloning would be implemented with the next release


Nothing here that I need… Will wait for next release which hopefully has something useful like Safedisc v2 and SecuRom v2 cloning…


Can some on e-mail at and give me a clonecd keycode because I had to reinstall windows and I lost mine.please Thank you