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Ook dit zuigt…

We’re still waiting for version 3 though…

nope, cauz it never ends.
i’m sick of upgrading so many times. And not to mention to wait again and again 4 a working key…
who agrees??

Inzane: I totally disagree. Would you rather that Olli just didn’t give a f**k about the bugs in his program ?

And about the key, why don’t you just buy yourself a legal key and support Olli’s work. I bet you can’t live without CloneCD so don’t ypou think it would be worth the money?

No compromise…

No lifetime registration, no money for him…

I hate reading about you guys bitching about keys. support this motherfuker and buy his program.

Yo Dudes…!
Y is Ollies site only showing version…?
am i missing something…?

Yea right!..but the registration code???

1 big rule:

this guy is a pirate
you are obviously a pirate
his software is cool and making/saving u millions

pirates stick together - against the rip off software industry, if you cant support him then u aint a pirate!


I agree but it is a hassle having to buy it the way it is , especially with people like us around. i aint gonna give no fucker my credit card details. It CCD went compercial so you could get it off the high street then i think far more people would get a legal copy. i know i would. Olli is worth supporting.
keep it up geez

Keep up the good work. I’m currently using CloneCD and a plextor scsi burner PX-W8220T and I made a perfectly fine “Back-up” CD of Red Alert 2 !!!
Create it, we will use it !!!

Is there somewhere to check if a burner is supported by Ollie. I’m thinking of buying Yamaha 16X10X40.

Don’t do that, buy a Plextor instead. They are totally supported by CloneCD and they were the only ones that could record a 99min CDR at 8x and 12x. I think it’s a good reference of their quality of writing…

Well, for all of you who DO wanna have a key for v2.8.2.1, try

CDRSoft mirror !

Here you can find it as well !

CU !


Not There…

Yes but it hasnt made any difference for the safedisk 2 protection, its still not possible to copy by the majority of hardware.]CDR TIMES

It still wont copy safedisk 2 though, lots more work need to consistently copy that will the majority of hardware


Since you are the Moderator of the cdr times that you advertise for every chance you get, don’t you think what your URL or your buddy phoneix has done done to my post was wrong ?

what i dont understand i why poeple dont like using there burner as a reader or just play the game from the burner. What the diff man

… And it’s a working one Divide!

(and another free CloneCd!)