CloneCD version (Important Fix)

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It seems there is already a new CloneCD version out there dated 30th October,…

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No i do not upgrade i work with version 1.004 and works

…and I bet you’re running Windows V1.01 too.

Version is filled with bugs you koekert!

There are some reports that this version works with the new Securom Protection issue ie; Cataclysm. I have not tried it yet but let you know as sson as I do.

Well Good news at last, it works!!!

BUT You have to make sure that your burner SUPPORTS Reading Subchannel Data.

The backedup copy works on NORMAL CD-ROM, No need for DVD’s anymore.
Hardware used in my case;
Burner: Plextor PX-124TS SCSI
Reader: Sony CDU-4811
Settings for the burner;
Subchannel Data from Data Tracks ON
Subchannel from Audio Tracks ON
Every thing else OFF

The image was made using my Plextor as my Sony Reader is useless. The Read was done at Max 32 speed on my burner, No Need for slow reading as previously thought. You should be able to use the Max read that your burner supports to creat the image.

I have also used the Max Write on my Burner Plextor @12X, although this should not make any difference on the outcome.


When you use your burner in some burners once you are ready to burn the image, you might get the error message saying that Clone CD Does not have the Exclusive right to the burner, If you get that message just press Retry and you will be on your way.

Good Luck !

Another important message from Olli concerning Clone and New Securom 2.

Below is a direct quote from Clone Clinic;

“You can’t execute a copy of New Securom from a Burner. You can use the burner to create the image”.

So try NOT TO RUN your backup FROM THE BURNER, it would not work.

There is no problem running the backup from any ordinary CD-ROM however.

Some that only have one unit Burner/Reader might find this a bit difficult. Sorry Guys!

Dammit, with important fix, I hoped my old Traxdata was finally supported

Can this version copy safedisc 2.0 games? I hope so. Or is it only in version 3! I hope CloneCD can copy safedisc 2.0!

ollie said that he does not have any safedisk 2 titles, so he does not know if it will copy it. i have heard that it does not, but ollie is still working on it, man this guy rulez.

Any serial for this version???

Can I copy Red Alert with it or not

OK, when will work my HP8100

warrior: As stated on the elby-page the HP8100 hardware doesn’t support writing in real raw mode, and thus will never be fully supported by CloneCD. I had one myself before I bought my HP9310 that works like a charm with ccd…

Well… Iv’e got a small prob… Anybody know if i can use CloneCD with only ONE cd-drive (a Creative 8432 RW)??

[Fafnr]: U can use only one drive if you’d like that. Just use your writer also as a reader to make the image!

Iam affraid clone is failing badly this time on securom and safedisk 2. seems only a few people can do these protections, i cant read about it on

Depends how you look at it the1englishman!
One question? are all the guys that post in that www.cdrtimes have a habit or STEALING, LEACHING bits and pieces of news from this forum and put their name on it!
This pheonix character have rip off my message from this post concerning the Clone and put his name as the submitter. This is pretty lame in my book the1englishman, how fucking low can a person get!!! he did not even bother changing the words for fuck sake just cut and pasted it directly from here even with MY COMMENT! That’s fucked.

Where us de damned serial for this Anyone?

So is there any chance of a Teac Cdr-55s ever beinhg supported???