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Submitted by: The MAzTER & Phoenix

Clone cd version is out now!!!

Version (29 October 2000)

New features:

  • New…
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DAMN! my Traxdata’s still not supported! I think it’s time to get a new burner, like that new Plextor 16X. If only my grades were a little higher…

There’s no such thing as a Plextor 16x!

Yep lets hope it beets the nww pc protections. find a review tommorow here.

Can this CloneCD read/write 1:1 copies of Dreamcast´s GD-ROMs? And does it have support for those new 99 min CDRs?

Umm, Vinny, I think you should check your facts more. Plex either have already released or are about to release a 16x cd burner.

Who needs 16x anyway?

The 16x drive aint out till December 2000 Europe and January 2001 USA! It will support 99 min cd’s!

Wee! They fixed default values for Ricoh drives!
Not that I ever noticed anything strange but since its a fix I assume its good

Plextor is shipping 20X max!!

According to CDR-INFO the new CloneCD can copy the new SecuROM protection on V-Rally 2 Expert Edition. Anyone tried that ? (I haven’t got the original)

ieks!, where can i find the new registration key of clonecd…???

Get it here

I just download the Clone ver. by . Serieno. for this versie,anyone ??? thx

why 16x?
its not much faster than 12x… the difference betwee 2 and 4, 2 and 8 are much more… i don’t think it’s usefull to make faster writers… they’d better concentrate on dvdr’s.

Right u are, ikke-cds

Where can i find the registration number of this version??? HELP!

i need serial number for clone CD ver., thank you