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Submitted by: Frankey

Version 7 September2000

Bug fixes:

Fixed problem with “Always close last session” option. Some CD-ROMs (e.g., Toshiba) were unable…

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clone versions come out so fast, i can’t follow anymore…
busy guy there
but this means constantly improvement though !!! …

You want to make an improvement, make my burner compatable…


Constant improvements ? It seems 2 me that it’s only bugfix on bugfix on bugfix on … and then once and a while some minor improvements. Hmmmmm ! I have a very old version of CloneCD and it works perfectly on my system so I don’t need these constant updates ( lucky me ) I do however feel sorry for the guys who do it’s simply 2 much !

??? IF U ALL DONT LIKE THE NEW VERSION JUST KEEP UR OLD ONE! u stpids ! =) (btw ??? how do i do those smileys ???)

Any of you guys know where to download the CloneCD skins?

Anyone has the serial for this CloneCD? Can’t find it on the internet anywhere, please, mail it to me, thanks.

serials… too many versions… whankers !
buy it… its cheap… and if U don´t like new versions … use your old one…

Only reason I upgraded recently was so that I could get the skin option in the menu for easy skin changing options. To be honest though there aren’t very many skins out there yet and the ones that are out there suck. A skin should be interesting/fun and ALSO clear!!. If any of you know a good site with some skins on then let me know.

Anyone intrested in making a CD Freaks skin ?

CloneCD roels


Ill buy CD’s 1 thru 1009203495 and then I’ll stick them all up your ass!! R U 4 Real Dewd?? It took me 4 Hourz just too scroll down!!

What was this post about again?
I seem to have forgotten it when I arrived finally down here…

He think he can sell more cdz now, but i think he can shake it now;-)

So PleaZe buy nothing from him.

I use to have a ricoh 7060A and yes the newer version of clone cd is compitible with the cd writer because the one i had works fine.

Eh larekkie, who needs your mp3 sh*t overhere. Get lost you fool!!!

Oh… on topic: Clone CD roels… it’s the first app I bought in a long… very long time!!!

Gvd, het is Larekkie

Stoemme 'Ollander!

;p ;(

You can complain about those dorks who advertise in the reaction system…sorcerer6…ring a bell?

Bottom line is that they want to be flamed so if you bitch about them they will do it again and again and again and again and again and…you get the point .

About CloneCD. I thinkin of buying the damn thing…searching for cracks and serial for every new version is becoming a daytime job…I have to work you know

Nila, you can’t ban someone on his ‘ip’ adres since its dynamic (even when he has cable it changes after a while) the only thing you can hope for is that he has some ident running:-)