CloneCD Version (small update)

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Submitted by: HH

Version 28 August 2000
New features:

Improved the 256 color “modern” skin.

Compatibility fixes and improvements:


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Ollie keeps coming out with versions he…

Must be hard for them to make a good tool…seems like they release a new one each day by now…

Does anyone have the serial already??

RMX & Minkel

Hey - You guys need to shut the fuck up and stop bitching about Ollie. Would you rather he didnt’ realease the new versions with the improvements as he made them. He could wait and do like a major release every 6 months but then your not going to get to enjoy the benefits of the new improvements until then. This way you get to enjoy them the second he does them. Stop bitching about a guy who’s obviously working hard and just be happy for a great program he’s making. Any fucker posts a complaint about him on here better have a damn good reason and something to show that makes them so much better. Respect hard work!!!

Nila is spot on keep up the good work Ollie looks like the only people that are bitching about the updates are the people that have no serial for the new version why dont you guy fucking buy clonecd and stop bitching about updates


Nila is right!!
Clone CD is one of the best recording programs I ever had!!

Yeah, well… CloneCD is good, but it isn’t great! Sure if you make a working copy of something, you’re glad, but often you don’t know what settings to use for a new game, and you just have to wait until someone posts the correct settings, and still they’re not always correct. In that way a software like CDRWIN is better. You always use the same settings, and if they don’t work with those, they never will with any other settings either, thus only one coaster! With CloneCD you often get coaster after coaster trying to find the correct settings… That sucks big time. And about this serial-business… I have never paid for CloneCD and I never will. I also don’t pay for CDRWIN or any other burning-software, and that because of one simple thing: They do not always work! When someone creates a software that will make a successful copy every time, no matter what you are copying, then I will pay… CloneCD is good software but also it sucks major ass with these pathetic updates… Like this latest… Who really gives a rats ass about some “skin” problem? I thougt this was a burning-app, and not WinAmp… It really gives me the feelin that CloneCD is very un-professional at times, not like CDRWIN, Nero, EZ-CD, or WinOnCD etc. etc…

I’m sorry but I really got to disagree with you here and I think you really did make a stupid point. Of course CloneCD makes fucking coasters some of the time. It’s trying to bypass the fucking security measures that the manufacturers put on their software. If you weren’t trying to make illegal copies of other pieces of software then you wouldn’t be having the coasters. It does a damn fine job of getting around the protection for you and saving you the cash on buying the software. If you don’t want any coasters at all then just fucking pay for the software instead of trying to buy it illegally. Otherwise stop bitching and live with the $3 cost of a few coasters per CD you try and copy that should be costing you at LEAST $20.

Hey, Clone CD works great. If your not sure of what settings to use, then use
an RW instead…at leawst ya wont make a coaster and you can try may differant setting to find out which ones work…

It will onlyt work for cd’s that are 74 min. but what the hell…not all of them go over that anyway…

Hansoff, not true. It will make an 80 minute cd (it posts a warning, which you may bypass).

Hansoff, not true. It will make an 80 minute cd (it posts a warning, which you may bypass).

I gotta say:
IT’s VERY disrespectfull of ‘Chronic’ to mention CdrWin/Nero in the same sentence as any lamer-crap from adaptec!!!

check the yamaha site (problems Q&A)
almost every reported problem has the word ADAPTEC in the reply!!!

Hey Chronic,
I have had a few coasters one time or the other but I HAVE NEVER evr experienced what you claim about the multi coaster business . One more thing dude I don’t know where you get your information, but there is a shit load of other settings that you can use with CDRWIN and Nero. The fact that you have not used them or not familiar with them does not mean that you keep the same settings all the time.
How the hell do you expect the program to be woking in exactly the same way all the time,when you know new protections are popping out every time, New safe disk with securum, sounds the bell, how about copy protection II, they are all experimental and so should be the clone CD.
Its obvious that you would not buy the program any way, fine, but don’t use the lame excuse that, because its not working, cause you know its crap and you know it. You would not buy the program any way, no matter how it worked. Next time before you make these proposterous claims about how shity the program is I suggest you practice your burning skills before posting garbage! judging from your post you need a long way to go.

I read all posts. Some of the reactions make some sense but rest of them just ungry reactions on sombodys post.
Main reson I am loging to this great side is to find informations. This is “By burners, for burners” so we can learn from each other. If some of the programs dont work for some guys, just maybe
they should learn how to used first or ask somebody for help. I am using Easy CD and CdrWin and they are great. No problems. I never used Clon CD
and i dont know this program but so many upgrades, that is little annoed, but I read all I can read. That is all I want to say. Stop be so jumpy.
Help each other
Ps. Sorry for mistakes.

hey another shouting match, amongst the boys? For fuck sake act like adults. Who gives a jack ass about the lame reasons for olie to put out another version of CloneCD. The truth is he is blacklisting all the serials some peep has sent him, so he then gives some shit about the fixes in the new version(maybe not all the time, but some of the time)

You can please some peeps, but not all of the time. Let us use the forum for the reason it was created. No more slagging each other off.

If you’re sick of hunting for serials every day just for fake or nonexistent updates, here’s the solution. Don’t bother updating it. Update it once every few months or whenever a major release with real changes is available. There’s no need to complain here about new versions, just don’t download them if it pisses you off.

I’m a registered user by the way, but I don’t update frequently. The version I’m using is still 2.5.x.x.

Dang people, some of you sound grade school kids bickering over a dead frog. Instead of bitching about the burn app or another, How bout doing some research to see if your burner will support program or something else. I use ez-cd to burn my compilation discs(warez, games, and music, CLone cd to copy protected discs and If I dont have clue which to use, I use Nero or CDRwin and have even used Blindread and Blindwrite. Not all applications will work, but I know after 500+ discs with a Hp7200i(yes the one that was a hellion), and lots of fucked discs, I have one word - EXPERIMENT. Chill and you learn from experience and be hothead and you never learn a damn thing…

OK… It’s pretty obvious that someone can’t have their own opinion around here! Then some moron (Paradox) talking about taht I haven’t got any burning-experience… Iv’e burned more CD’s than you ever will! And I have also burned more successful copies with CDRWIN than I ever will with CloneCD! I’m not saying that CloneCD is crap, but only the obvious; CloneCD is still a “young” software, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t get any better… And how exactly do you think Olli knows what to improve if someone doesn’t complain? Of course, he reads posts here and on CloneClinic! If noone complained, there would never be any updates at all! I’m not posting here to start a debate, just saying what I think. And I think I should be able to do that without having someone saying you are an idiot or a lamer! Who are those guys anyways? Some pimple-faced teens trying to act cool, saying mean stuff to other people? I didn’t call you names, then why should you?

First of all let me clarify this, you are moron around here! not me!
IF you doubt that just look at some of the past postings and that should be obvious even to you.
Second judging by your words of wisdom and your sea of knowledge like “In that way a software like CDRWIN is better. You always use the same settings, and if they don’t work with those, they never will with any other settings either” “Clone CD sucks major ass” its pretty fucking obvious how experienced you are !!!

I said you are ill informing people and your comments are incorrect.
But for a person with your stature I guess you have to pass your high school english first to fully comprehend that what I mean.
I don’t need to talk though to impress an inexperienced MORON! like you. Your foolish comments speak for them selves. One more thing, you can shove your little teeny buppy pimple ass comment where the moon don’t shine MORON!!!