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Not much to say about this new version of CloneCD, only that Oliver seems to be busy all the time with his program, even on Sundays…

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Not aonther one so quickly…


This is getting stupid, and still no major improvements, if a new clonecd is to be released AGAIN soon, then i want a major improvement.
Like more burners to be supported, cum on guy.
“Be All That You Can Be”


Why is the fucking clonecd still not compatible with TEAC burners all kind off fixes and improvements but still no help for for the TEAC burners “FUCK”


Dude, you mean be more all he can be than he is? Did you pay for the fucking program? I am sure you did not, so shut your pie hole and enjoy what you have you ass you. I have a lot to say, but pay the guy is money so he can keep producing the great program. I would love to see Ollie say, you know what I am not making any money of this program, so fuck them all! Haha, what would you do then asshole? Pay for the software that is worth it and Clone is worth it.


Some people don’t have the money to purchase CloneCD.
They’re still on school.
Maybe you are such a dumbASS who has been kicked from school because he didnt know how much 2x2 was . So don’t be such a dumb ass !

p.s. I like clone cd but I know for sure that he makes enough money. So thats why I am downloading those serials.

My defence rests…


Oh brother, hahaha. I am in school also, but I bought the program. I guess because you are in school you do not buy anything huh? Now don’t get me wrong I do it as much as the next guy, but when a program comes along like Clonecd you have to buy it just because it does what we have been praying for. Maybe in ten years when you get out of the third grade you will realize that without making money you cannot produce a product, but you will get to that in 7th or 8th grade. Oh, one more thing dumbass, you know Ollie so well that you know what kind of money he is making huh? So, what you are saying with your ignorant ass comment about he has enough money that is why you use the serials, are you saying that you are better than the people that pay? What makes you so special and what if they said the same thing? I guess no one would pay him any money huh? But you are special I forgot.


I have a scsi-writter so I don’t need CloneCD. But I Just want to say way to go RoNiN. And Mister notta if you don’t like people who uses cracks and serials and other stuff. Do NOT visit sites like this one. Because I’m sure you can’t believe that their are iso’s and other stuff on the net. I think you are pretty egocentric at the moment.


OhO I just made some type errors in the text above. Sorry about that


I hate peeps that always have to turn somethin into an argument, i mean whats the point, i simply made a comment about a program which i feel could still be greatly improved, your just the ignorant one…
Also why should i be made to buy a piece of software that has been re-made and updated. This just shows that old Billie Gates must have given a few pointers to Ollie on making low grade software, then releasing many other versions. Don’t take that the wrong way guy who created CloneCD, your product is a good one, all i am saying is if you are gonna keep on bringing out more versions, then at least give it a while, then then make sum serious changes.
Then everyone will truly say that this guy is the man.

P.s. Cheers for the support earlier RoNiN.


RaSta is ok because he is right what kind of fool has such comments on a site about illegal programs.

And Mr.Notta (sounds like nothing) ever heard of sponsoring ? .
I explaine it too you that’s ‘‘Giving people money for making good products’’


my defence rests…


Way to go what??? What did he say? Read his article, the guy or kid made no sense what so ever? “I do it because he has plenty of money” What an assanine way of thinking. Does anyone see my point here? I cannot believe this I see people all of the time asking for serials and cracks and I say hey do your thing, but I guess the guy pushed my buttons and I am commenting on it. How can you tell a guy that obviously is busting his ass to make the best product he can to make it better? If you look at all the updates it is mostly cosmetic with a few bug fixes here and there. Seems like people get all bent out of shape when someone releases a lot of updates. To me it shows that the guy is busting his ass to give you the best product he can. If your version is working fine, do not down the update and shut your hole, but no you have to have the newest version huh?


Oh Lord, here we go with the ass kissing, haha. You are right Honey, no you are right Honey, hahah. Cheers for Ronin!! Your right I do not understand. One more thing, what did Rasta mean when he said I have a scsi cd writer so I do not need Clone cd? What does that have to do with anything? So, you are copying cp games with EZ CD because you have a scsi cdwriter? What am I dealing with here this morning? I am dealing with bafoons. It’s true, It’s true. Like that? haha.


Me again sorry about dis all you guyz at cdfreaks i also hate flooding messages, but i will say one more thing notta you simply do not understand, read my previous message a couple of times, coz i don’t think you understood it the first.
I now wash my handz clean of dis discussion, because i know that i am right, and feel that i have nothin more to say…

This is the

{[White Fase Killa]}

signing off…

(4 dis discussion)


endless discussion, cut the crap and keep comments for your own? yeah that would be great, is it because “Please, no requests for serials and cracks, and related postings, they bring us in trouble !” that everyone has to start a discussion that has been done a million times before? this looks like some sort of political debat meaning: BORING


I’m also thinking of buying the program. I’m pretty fed-up with all this serial and blacklist-shit, so…


What the Fuck is going on here, lets all jump in the bandwagon against notta!
I could not agree with the dude!
I read his post and he had NEVER mentioned anything about not using the cracks or serials or… anything like that.
Before you get emotional and start writing crap read carefully and see what the hell is the guy talking about.
Its way out of line to complain about how bad a program is when you ( and before any one gets steamed up about it), its not directed at any one in particular now!, have not paid a cent to support the guy who wrote the fucking thing. Well let me see, from what I have read I am to assume that some people that go to school can not afford the program, well tell me this how the hell have they afforded the computer they are having now, on student loans? how have they afforded the burner they have? I guess it was with student discounts! its like saying I have bought the car but I can not afford the gas to run it so lets go to the gas station at night when its closed and fill her up, and then complain about the bad gas! Every one, one time or other would upgrade their computer hardware at sometime or other, with out getting through too much detail, so lets see what do they do they plan to knock off their local computer store when the sales person is not looking and then complain about how shitty the part that they had ripped off was.


I meant to say I could not agree with notta more,
sorry for the typo!


I see we don’t agree on this subject.
That’s too bad.

Let’s forget all this shall we ? :slight_smile:


p.s the pc where I am working at is not mine it’s from a friend that why.

And I apologise for that school thing that was way below the belt.