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Submitted by: Jolly

Version 9 August 2000
New features:

Added automatic / manual check for new CloneCD versions (Requires Internet
Explorer 4 or…

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Hehe, I’m first…


But still beaten Vinny…


Great, but don’t see a fix for writing PSX copy protection… Need this for Formula 1 2000. Only Coasters from now on.

Coasters are there since v2.7.1.1.

Sorry, but today cdfreaks was very slow …

I sended the news about 5 hours ago …

Nothing happend …

CU !


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You probably won’t believe it, but we also sleep !!

no shit!

Finally a ver that works with Win2K & my HP8100! But the ser at gulli didn’t work any others??

Sos but I can’t be bothered to download this unless i know that it will work with my creative 4424e - can anyone confirm

are we saying that cdclone no longer copys playstation games

Serial with Name:TNP-2000,
Don’t work :.(

it works with hp 8100 ??? realy???

it works with hp 8100 ??? realy???

TNP-2000 does work !!!
Clean your registry en ini files before installing the new Clone CD

Use CloneCD Registry Cleaner from

CrazyWolf, r u sure that your writer is Hp8100? I tried version with win2k and 98 and it didn’t work!

cdclone works with PSX protected games

does anyone know of any good cracking into sites, i really need one, i have read about 2 assemble programing books but i still need more info

If HP 8100 works, that means Sony CRX100E will also work, 'couse they’re practically the same thing.

Is it true that CloneCD can’t copy games protected with the newest Safedisc version 1.50.20 (Grand Prix 3)

I’m kind of worried about Vinny! HEY VINNY, ARE YOU SICK OR SOMTETHING?