CloneCD v5.2.2.1?



My brother called me last night and said CloneCD has released v5.2.2.1, but when I went to their website just now it still says v5.2.1.1 Has a version been released that is v5.2.2.1???


BUMP, damn people!!!


As far as I know the latest version is still


CloneCD 2005-5-3

  • Fix: Wrong ElbyCDIO.dll was installed on Windows x64
  • Fix: Stability problems in certain configurations
  • Some minor fixes and improvements
  • Updated languages


In fact, see


Thanx folks for the info!!!


…but when I use the “search for an update” feature of the software I get the message that there is an update available and then I am forwarded to the download site where still the old version is! So unfortunately, the homepage is not updated yet.


Thanks :bow:
Hi :slight_smile:
Try this link then it should sort the problem out
Hope this doesn’t inconveniance you some times there are delays to some homepages are ( with Slysoft this is very rare )