CloneCD v5.1.0.0 fixes some blacklisting issues



I just posted the article CloneCD v5.1.0.0 fixes some blacklisting issues.

 vomitator,VirusHack  and socrates007 all   used our news submit to tell us that this newer version of  CloneCD hath been released.          What's        new in CloneCD 2005-1-16:  ...
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“blacklisting issues” what does that mean?


Certain games refuse to run when they detect that either CloneCD is installed or when the CloneCD tray is active. It’s part of their copy protection. Some games will also not start if they detect a virtual drive installed (also from CloneCD or software like Daemon Tools and such).


It could also mean that those who use unauthorized serial to register the CloneCD will now be locked out.:d