CloneCD v4.1.0.0 released

CloneCD v4.1.0.0

What’s New:
Added Virtual CloneDrive
Added Virtual CloneDrive support in CloneCDTray
Added Virtual CloneDrive shell extension
Fixed false alarm in ElbyCheck (Windows 2000/XP)
Fixed Access Violation in ElbyCDIO.dll
Increased Sense Buffer in ElbyCDIO.dll (Windows 9X/ME)
ElbyCDIO.dll is now a shared library in Windows\System directory

Many minor bugfixes
Many minor cosmetic improvements

Version Release to Manufacture
Added setting of Restore Points during install/uninstall
Fixed Hide CDR Media problem
Fixed problem of unspecified write mode

Version Release to Manufacture
Updated Hebrew Language
Improved input of box keycodes

Shoebedobedoo :cool:

This has already been reported several times (here for example). I will close this thread so we won’t get several different discussions on this new CloneCD version. I hope you understand! Thanks for the news though :wink: