CloneCD v3.3.1.1 available

I just posted the article CloneCD v3.3.1.1 available.

Case used our newssubmit to tell us that there is a new version of CloneCD available:

New features:

ElbyCDIO completely rewritten for Windows NT/2000/XP (related).


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My compliments! :smiley:

I wonder does oli ever sleeps?? He` blasting new versions almost daily:4 But i wont complain GO OLI!!!

If anyone deserves a Christmas present, Ollie does. I wish him lots of registrations in 2002. :wink:

More like, wish that future copy protections don’t make programs like CloneCD obsolete. You might all be back at gamecopyworld getting your cracks soon.

Ian is right. Also with the money spent, first on a Games (Which is 43 US dollers each here in Denmark) second you have to buy a burner which is capable of burning such a game and second the amount of time wasted on knowledge in the field of “A FUCKING NORMAL BACKUP PROCEDURE”.

Well done Olli! the new version crashed my pc! :r (running XP stable ever since available-don´t bitch about the OS!)Went back to the old one. I´m sure a new version wont take long :d

Since, I know Olli always complains none of us pay for CloneCD. Personally I am waiting for a new burner to arrive (when that happens we can see if I put my money where my mouth is). I have a suggestion. Charge friends $5 for a CD, not cause you are a fat cat but so that we can all pay to register Clone CD and then Olli can do even more!!!

:4 good good call! good…nooo…KICKASS software should be fully supported! :7