CloneCD v3.2.3.1 available

I just posted the article CloneCD v3.2.3.1 available….

A new CloneCD version has been released hopefully fixing all the problems which came up since version…

New features:

Less CPU usage when copying “on the fly”

Better I/O…

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since i’m running xp, this one i’ll d/l and update, it seems worth it. But updates come so fast :frowning: … :r

But updates come so fast
So? If you don’t like it, don’t download… :slight_smile: Personally I think that Olli is doing an excellent job bringing out updates whenever something gets fixed…

HUH? wheres da new version?? i still see Setup Version (ca. 2,80 MB) Last updated: December 3, 2001.

inssane - U seem to have made a mistake - you did :frowning: instead of :). Updates come so fast??? Your complaining that he is fast at fixing bugs and at making his problem?? Tell you what - if you dont like bug fixes - stick to the old versions with the bugs and dont get the updates. I’ll keep updating to the latest best copy!

HUH? wheres da new version??
Your browser is probably showing the old site from your temp-internet files. Do a CTRL+Refresh because it’s there :wink: I’m running it now…

thanx, i already was hitting refresh, but with control. How could i forget it :frowning: :+ everythings fine now

Do i have to install this as Canada to get the safedisc 2 support?