CloneCD v3.0.8.1 available

I just posted the article CloneCD v3.0.8.1 available….

A new CloneCD version is now available with some minor changes. Also thanks to mok627 for submitting this news to us.

New features:

Hardware requirements updated.

Burn Proof for…

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can’t find it, it still has…did they remove it or something?

I d/l it no probs, the previous released serial does not work. you can pm me for my ftp, from where you can upload it :slight_smile: Can’t post the details here as it goes against the cdfreaks policy of posting links you know what I mean :4 no offence intended, just trying to help run the the forum smoothly as possible GrEeTz FrOm ThE UK! p.s. all keygens/serials released upto 3072 and have been blacklisted. I think this was why ollie released a new version of clonecd so soon after 3072 if the truth is to be know, now we have 3081, a bit of a coincidence, do you not agree? :8

Hi! Aybody could give me a hint, as to which burner is the best with Clone CD???