CloneCD v3.0.3.5 is coming



Got this from CloneClinic:

Last a new version ( should popup out soon with new features:
Added full support for RICOH 9200A
Added full support for SONY CRX-1611E
Added full support for CREATIVE CDR-W 1610E
Added full support for CyQ’ve CQ1232
Improved buffer management, to avoid the “not enough memory” message.
Optimized default buffer sizes.
Improved thread management. This will reduce CPU usage to avoid buffer underruns.
Improved file I/O. If the image file is placed on a fixed disk, “unbuffered I/O” will be used. This results in less CPU usage and avoids, that the Windows file buffers get filled up.
“Subchannel Repair” improved.
Multi Monitor support: The “splash screen” will now be centered on one monitor.
Slovenian language added.
Chinese (traditional) language updated.
Chinese (simplified) language updated.
Polish language updated.
English language updated.
German language updated.
New Update tool allows you to update to the most recent CloneCD version without reinstalling.

Cool :slight_smile: