CloneCD v3.0.0.16 available!

I just posted the article CloneCD v3.0.0.16 available!.

A new CloneCD version is available on the Elby website: version Here’s the changelog:

New features:

  • Added option to disable “Timed I/O” in the “Control ElbyCDIO” application…
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Has anyone tried burning 8x CD-R’s with a 16x writer in RAW-DAO mode using CloneCD 3.x? I always get a coaster when I try this on my Yamaha 2100E! (gives me an error like ‘No hardware info etc’ - strange, since 12x and 16x modes work like a charm with the same .CCD/settings…

Is this still beta?? If so could you guys mention it in your postings when you talk about it because it’s annoying always having to run off to the site to see if this is the final release of it. THANKS

I use LG 8x speed CDR’s with my Plextor 16x write. No prblems with Clonecd or Nero. It really doesn’t matter what the speed says on the CDR. Its just a gimmick to buy more expensive CDR’s. Ablank cd is a blank cd.

What you post is crap, Juice. You’re just LUCKY! Before a CD is burned there’s normally a test done in a special area of the blank media (laser power calibration). In most cases this test fails if you try to burn a 8x certfied media at 12x or 16x. Sometimes (depending on media and recorder) even 12x certified media can only be burned at 10x or lower. And very often you just get coasters if you burn at high speed - even not only when burning low speed certified media at high speeds!