CloneCD v3.0.0.0 for beta testing

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So finally news from the CloneCD front, Oliver Kastl has released a beta of CloneCD v3.0.0.0 for testing. A new feature is that it contains ‘on the fly’ burning. This seems to work if you want to…

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And this new version will also have a new registration method or a new serial so the keygen won’t work anymore :wink:

hmmmm … serial ? I quote “btw: the update for clonecd will be free.” Anywayz, it will not be able to copy SD2 on burners that are “not already” compatible with it so why all the rush ? Nothing new besides on-the-fly copy … :frowning:

I think that means : an update will be free for registered users. Olli will probably send them a new serial number or something like that.

Again Safedisc 2 wins :r Plextor :frowning:

What’s all this crap about not copying Safedisc2 with Plextor drives? I have the 121032A drive from Plextor, and i can’t see difference between Safedisc 1 and 2, they both copies 100% with CloneCD 2.8 Im a little lost now :+

On the fly can be usefull, but SD 2 is “easylied” copyed with Plex 8/20T, this is a greate burner,so get one if you can…

Hell yeah !! My Plex 8/20 SCSI rulez! Also have a 16x Plex, but that burner can’t do the SD2 job so I can’t sell my 8/20 :frowning: -damn the new plextor burners !!! :frowning: