CloneCD v2.3.1.1 released



I just posted the article CloneCD v2.3.1.1 released….

Submitted by: Silverhawk

Revision History
Version 16 May 2000

New features:

  • Added Controls to modify the Sounds CloneCD plays.
  • Hardware…
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The new clooncd 2311 is the first software who can write the bleem cdkey without any problem in about 15 minutes
the writer a plextor 8/20 firmware still 1.03 and the reader a toshiba dvd rom


Anyone has a Serial for the latest Version of CloneCD?


TNT made a new loader for it and it works great!


The Loader is sucks, he does not work correct. PLS post a serial.


Me thinks it’s you that suck.
The loader works great and so does CloneCD.
If you want a serial I can give you one for 49 US$.


You can send me teh serial for 49$?? plese intelhater hater ?
contact me to:
bye bye


You are a asshole!!!


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O well, if you’re 12 and don’t go to school, Intelhater, you are not to blame… ASSHOLE!


BTW “Intelhater”: The loader works perfectly. It’s your system setup that sucks! Asshole…


Try to burn a CD and you will see what happen! You asshole!!


Damn, what’s that smell?


why do people, who do not know each other, insist on calling each other names?
Are we not supposed to be helping each other to enjoy our favourite hobby (computers)!
Why don’t you grow up and act your age.

Have Fun!


Here is a bug fixed loader :