CloneCD update v2.7.7.3

I just posted the article CloneCD update v2.7.7.3.

Submitted by: BJC

Version - 2 September2000

New features:

After selecting a new skin, it is no longer required to exit…

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That took him long

Oli is a very busy man… to be continues

so euh…

ok… nice job olli… I guess…

i never use cloneCD what’s so good about it

Greetingz Woutiir

P.S. and for you spaceball…
go to:
That site rulez… man but cdfreaks too…
go on and on and on…

thx 4 the info, I know about astalavista. Stavros is right on the previous releases. so I expect someone will come out with a working crack soon. To answer your question about what is so great about clonecd, It is the only program that has allowed me to successfully burn the cd’s I want. I bet your the kind of person who is content with copying a crack into the game directory to play a game, I on the other hand like to install games or appz WITHOUT having to copy a cracked exe to the directory. Clonecd is the only program that has allowed me to copy a cd in this fashion protected or not I always get good WORKING copies. I previously paid for the program, but due to many crashes and reinstalls i lost my info. Clonecd RULEZ!

Looks like ollie has cracked the serials so we will just have to wait for another crack!!

als je al een versie van clone op je pc hebt (of gehad) gebruik eerst reg clean van clone
dan install niet herstarten!!
via start win32aspi register je alt v tje ne dan pas herstarten!!



I got it !
Clone CD v. + Crack !
Don´t scare about the german !
Click on Appz, then burning and then you will find the english burning section !

CU !


THX to ViperZX for the Crack !

Must I download that shit again and again, why they don’t make a good version at once?


just buy the prog… its one of few progs where all the money goes to the developer… and a prog I love too

I don’t know if it was his plan but all these updates recently seem to have totally killed off all serial numbers. I havent’ seen one posted anywhere for like the last three or four versions. I haven’t seen one anywhere since before the release of the version that first started supporting skins properly.

For the last 2 versions there were crack availabe within 24 hours of the release…

Does Anyone know where I can get the S/N or crack for version

hey, DoMiN8Tor,
whats up with the dates man, they are all over the place again!