CloneCD update v2.5.6.2



I just posted the article CloneCD update v2.5.6.2.

Submitted by: squage

Version 6 July 2000

New features:
Reduced the default buffer size again. A large buffer often hurts more than it helps, because…

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I have the Sony CRX100E, CloneCD doesn’t support it, but my question is: Can CloneCD support it with the newest firmware (that one whiched is cracked??)!


Want to have a serial for Clone CD ?
Just look here:
Click on Appz, then burning !
The burning section is now available in english too

CU !


Burning Section Leader @


hi does, clone cd work, with ricoh 7060a?



Why don’t you go and the for yourselves at wheiter your burner is supported or not…


when more people buy thos app,
the maker(s) will probably lower the price for CloneCD like they did a few months ago!
I bought it and it was the best fl.150 I spend…


The v2.5.6.2 that is availible at is a fake ! It is a renamed v2.5.1.3 with that versions serial. Does NOT work on v2.5.6.2.


it works fine with the ricoh 7060a only reading with fast error skip is shit it produces to much errors for that i use my second writer the philips pcrw404 it´s perfect for safedisk protected games but it can´t read subchannel things and about the pioneer dvd i won´t talk it does nothing or rally slow


Working serial and non-blacklisted version downloadeable from:


What copy protections can you ‘bypass’ using nero.
Its just cloneCD doesnt work with my hardware but i would like to back up my games using nero (which works)


Hallo, does somebody know a way to use all the functionality of clonecd with a cdrw yamaha 8x4x24x??Help Me!!!


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