CloneCd Tray

With the clone cd tray we are given the option to enable a feature called “hide cdr-media” which is a nifty little perk to get many of our backups to run (primarily in cdrw of course). This is a great tool, but now with blacklisting and all I was wondering if anyone would have any idea how it works and if there is a direct way even if through windows file manipulation to just wipe out or block out the ATIP reporting. If a tiny little program can do it isn’t there a tweak or something that can be done to windows. Surely there must be. Or if anyone can at least provide info on how it works maybe some of us programmers can give it a crack to make our own generic type of hide cdr media which of course will be much more diffcult to blacklist. I noticed many of the people who post here contribute with software they make so I am sure it can be done with some effort.


personally, i’ve never used it and have it disabled … :o

The ATIP is read by {MMC} commands between the copy protection {or any soft app so configured} and the optical device. The OS just facilitates the command and has little else to do with it.