CloneCD - Too much read erros

Hi all!
I´m trying to backup a CD with CloneCD (Copy CD to CD), and it taks too much time. After almost 1hour, it has copied about 4000 sectors, within 335000.

I aborted the copy.

Is it right ???

I used the clony, and it indicates to use fast read skip. (CloneCD has it already set it). I´m using the last version of clonecd

Someone can help me ???

it normally does take a long time to make a copy of a protected disc once it copies the part with the protection in it it speeds up to normal readoing speeds my guess is u were only about 10 more minutes away from your copy being finished when you cancelled it

If Clony says your CD is protected with LaserLock, you will have to wait a long while for it to read… it is normal with most drives.
Or maybe your drive does not support fast error skip? I know of quite a few drives which don’t.

pfft, laserlock…


try using daemon tools ‘fastdump’, if fast error skip isnt working for you. both should minimize the time spent in the bad 800-10000 sectors.

I´m trying to backup a CD with CloneCD (Copy CD to CD), and it taks too much time.
If the CD you’re trying to back is a game (and probably protected) then all the previous posts pretty much cover it.

If it ain’t a protected game though, it could be that you original CD is scratched / ruined somehow. If that is the case, turn fast error skip off, enable regenerate data sectors and read at low speed - it will take probably a long time to create a working image but i’m afraid you will have to be patient.

And laserlock does take a long time to be read too…