CloneCD : The ultimate guide!

I just posted the article CloneCD : The ultimate guide !.

Our French fellow webmaster Seb used our newssubmit to tell us that he has made a 14 pages long guide to CloneCD.

I published a new article. It’s a guide devoted to CloneCD. Thanks to…

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I Hope some one make a translation and post it some where becsause i am way to lazy to going to translate 14 pages :4

can you tell us where to download this so we can at least make a start

Merci Merci , for all english speaking You can download CloneCD from :4

As always you can read the whole guide by clicking on the sourcelink at the top of the newsposting

Google will do page translations for you. It’ll display that whole site in english.

A babelfish translation for the ultimate guide… any of you know Douglas Adams?:slight_smile:

No, no personally…but i would have liked to…before he passed away… so sad. such a brilliant author… :c