CloneCD, Swedish version

I just posted the article CloneCD, Swedish version.

Ljugtomten used our newssubmit to tell us also he has translated CloneCD into his language…

I have translated CloneCD into Swedish, you can download the Language file…

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Knäckerbrød! :4

Well I would like to do it for the Dutchies… …but er… …do I need to contact Ollie or something then? BTW: why do u need a Dutch version? English is much better actually… Grtz JP.

Get CloneCD Locale Editor from the CloneCD homepage and edit the lng-file.

Great. But you do know that ‘Ljugtomten’ is not the correct spelling, this is how you spell it: ‘Jultomten’ Kul va’ :4

Is there someone that is gonna put out a Turkish translation :4

I could do a Dutch translation… Will be done in some 4 hours. If no one is before me to finish it :frowning:

KwanTai, I am very aware of the spelling of ‘Jultomten’. I am swedish you know… But where did I get ‘Ljugtomten’ from ? Swedish: Enligt tidningen Python så är Ljugtomten Jultomtens elaka halvbror, som gör allt för att förstöra Julen för alla. English: Ljugtomten = “LieSanta” Jultomten = “S:t Claus” According to the swedish magazine Python (comedy), is Ljugtomten Jultomten´s evil halfbrother, who tries to destroy the crhistmas for everyone, coz he doesn´t like his nice brother.

Oopps! Pardon me… I discovered some nasty stuff in the language file. :r Have hopefully discovered most of them. Reuploaded the file to . If anyone discover any more errors in it, please let me know.

Damned, some three hours of work down the drain just because I accidently pressed Ctrl-X (=Exit) and now I lost it all. Shiiiit :(:(:(:frowning:

Bra jobbat! Good work!

I am in the work of translating the Documentation into Swedish now. Will hopefully be done in some days or so. Can´t wait to be able to install a full Swedish version on CloneCD :slight_smile: /Ljugtomten

I have Turkish language file for CloneCd :8

What exactly do I do to modify the Lacale so that I can amplify weak sectors can someone give me directions?