CloneCd => Subchannel fix



“Don’t repair Subchannel Data”, that is what I want to set with clonecd! But my writer don’t support it! So… I need a new writer! But wich one? Do yo have a writer that is compatible with CloneCd and you can set the progy to NOT rapairing the Subchannel data?! Please reply, so I can Buy!


Listen up! This is important you know! If you can set “don’t repair subchannel data”, then you really can burn everything!
Please reply me (or mail) if you’ve got a writer that support it!


Oke if you want to burn with CloneCd buy a Plextor burner he writes everything…



Does an 8 speed work for CloneCD?


Att Wookie…
if you mean can i set the check mark in the “don´t repair subchannel data” box, then yes i can although i have not tried to do anything with it yet but i can set the tick in the box so if its any help i am using a Mitsumi CR-4802TE.

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