CloneCD Stopped Working

Since upgrading to Nero 9, CloneCD has stopped working (all buttons are greyed out and the hard disk light is continuously on. If I shut down CloneCD it is still in memory and cannot be killed. The only thing I can do is reboot PC which takes about 5 minutes to complete.). I tried reinstalling CloneCD (V5.3.1.3) but it didn’t help. It seems that Nero 9 has either grabbed control of my CD & DVD drives or changed some drivers which CloneCD uses. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated.

What parts of Nero 9 did you install? For one thing Uninstall Nero 9 and reinstall CloneCD again and then Nero 9 but this time leave out InCD. This part of Nero is incompatiable with computer as they can’t read Nero formatted cd/dvd. That might be what conflicting but I am not totally sure since I don’t know what features of Nero 9 you installed. One other thing is I don’t use Nero 9 - I still use the trusty old Nero 6 version so I can’t be for sure what is going on between Nero 9 and CloneCD. Cause I have CloneCD with Nero 6 and don’t have conflicting problems.

I have them both installed but I installed CloneCD first and then Nero 9, no problems at all. Do as coolcolors has asked and uninstall and reinstall either program, make sure you backup your key files for both programs first.