CloneCD soundbyte...stolen?



I was flipping through channels this morning, and then got up and left the room, when I came back, the end of this cartoon “Jimmy Neutron” was on, and the credits rolled, etc…

at the end, the production company’s 5 second or so logo was shown…

the audio that played in the background was none other than the audio clip that plays in CloneCD after a successful project…

i got a glimpse of the name of the company…and all i remembered was that i saw “DNA” in the title…

after a little searching, I found the site:

its DNA Productions (duh…)

I know this is random as hell, but I was just curious if this is copyrighted and someone could get in trouble (one company or the other?)…




Ummm… sure. Why don’t you call up DNA productions right now and tell on Elby. Maybe you’ll get some reward money for uncovering such a huge crime.:Z


y-ya…ill be sure and do that…


be nice stoner. it’s an interesting snippet


:bigsmile: My bad. Haven’t heard the Cinco de Mayo tune from CloneCD for a while now. I tend to turn off all sounds that are not coming from WinAmp, PowerDVD, BSPlayer, etc.

jorwex: It’s not that I don’t believe you, the tune from DNA production does have the Cinco de Mayo ring to it, but you’ll have to bring a lot more hard evidence to convince people Elby stole it from DNA productions. For starters, do you know when DNA productions started using the tune, same goes for Elby.

Wait wait, the forementioned Cinco de Mayo tune was from the Corona site I’m visiting, no wonder it sounds so well, you know…

Anyway, do you have a sound bite on the DNA production tune?

The CloneCD tune has 8 notes.


Originally posted by jorwex
I know this is random as hell, but I was just curious if this is copyrighted and someone could get in trouble (one company or the other?)

i didnt say that either one STOLE it from the other…

the title itself doesnt imply anything other than the soundbyte used was stolen by someone else, OR elby stole it…but not even necessarily that…

i just thought that, maybe i uncovered someting, and if not, i wasnt gonna strress it…

and illl check nickelodeon’s scheduling for jimmy neutron…ill capture the clip with dna productions, or at least just the audio…

for all i know, one of the companies asked the other for it…or its not copyrighted at all…



sorry for that last post being sarcastic and evil sounding…

i didnt finish reading your post and i was still in “retaliating jackass-ity” mode

well, ill leave the users who havent read this to flame now! heh


Guess it depends where the song was made and what country/city/town/state laws apply to it. Here in the states (US) something so short would not need a copyright or a tribute payed. I think its something like up to 20sec which is also why huge companies that sell cd’s limit the preview to listen to songs on line. The CCD cut of success.wav is exactly 3 sconds and its the longest music file CCd uses. I think it safely falls into the legal zone in every country/city/town/state corresponding law :smiley:


I´ve heard the same tune on a commercial radiochannel here in sweden, they use it in the end of a commercial.
I think it is also used by DVD Decryptor when finished ripping. or it was another free DVD program.


SmartRipper? 'cause I use cladDVD XP .NET and there ain’t no sound after I rip my DVDs.


No, it was DVDDecryptor. Just ripped a movie and there it was.


aight, i captured the little clip…

its a 5.02 divx file with mp3 audio and its about 432 kb

my friend wont let me cough host files at his site anymore, cuz i put an avitar there once and it killed his bandwidth for the month :stuck_out_tongue:

so if anyone can host it…that’d be cool…

ill look around too some more…

also, im on AIM using the handle jorwex

peace out


Yeah I’ve wondered about that jingle too. I heard it over a year ago on the nickelodeon at the end of some cartoon my nephew was watching.

Dvd Decryptor uses it aswell. And I’m pretty sure I heard it elsewhere on the TV but can’t remember at the moment.

I’d say it’s part of some generic commercial sounds pack that you buy and are then free to use in your product/add/song whatever.