Clonecd slow read times

when i attempt to create an image it starts out at approx 185kb/sec and then quickly drops to 1-4 per sec and continues at that rate. it creates the 3 files like it should and seems to be working correctly except for the extremely slow progress. i let it run for just over an hour to see what it would do and it was 2% complete. i have tried this with dma turned on and with it turned off to see if that made a difference. 185 isnt even that great but it is better than 3. it doesnt seem to matter if it is a copyrighted cd or not the results are the same. i have tried other burning programs and they work fine, however because of the obviouse benefits to clonecd i would like to get this to work.
any help is greatly appreciated

I assume the game you are trying to back up is Safedisc(2), am I right? Have you checked the read speed you have set? Also, check to see if you have some read retries on. One last thing, your disc may be scratched, making it take a long time to read through it.

thanks for the reply
clony says it is safedisk old not 2. my read speed is set to max in clonecd if thats what you mean. the disk is in excellent condition. could you please explain “read retries” im not sure what they are.

With Clone CD, prior to reading your image, the program will ask you what drive you want to use to read, when this screen comes up, right click and choose settings, goto the Fast Error Skip tabs and check the read retries. I hope this answers your question. If it does not, I’m sure somebody on this forum other than I will be able to assist you. :slight_smile:

Use fastdump method, that works with every cdreader and the first 3% take only a few seconds …

It is quite normal for many readers to have slow reading times while creating an image of a SafeDisk protected CD. There are intentionally “bad” sectors in the first part of the CD (around 10000sectors) so that your reader will not be able to back it up.

Use the appropriate profile with CloneCD, which you can download from this forum and you should be just fine. Keep in mind that the slow reading times are only for the first 10000sectors or so (in a total of around 300000) after which the reading speed will increase to normal rates. So the whole process should take 15-20 minutes depending on the reader (which you should have mentioned in the first place).

thanks for the replies but i did state what type of reader i have. it is stated in my sig. on the first post.

Originally posted by bmexline
thanks for the replies but i did state what type of reader i have. it is stated in my sig. on the first post.
Yep … sorry didn’t notice :slight_smile:

…for the info. I was having this same problem, but once the read process reached about 5% it sped up dramatically. The whole thing was done in about 15 minutes, though for a while I was wondering if it would take days.