CloneCD shut down my W2K

I just upgraded to CloneCD and tried to make a new clone. I first cloned the image on HDD. Then when I tried to actually burn the image to disc, the <NEXT> button shut down my Win2K.:confused: I repeated a few time the same happen.

When I downgraded to, the error does not happen?

What’s wrong:bow:

Have the same problem with XP Prof. & version

It’s probably something to do with your serial :wink:
The registration scheme seems to be updated for

Non genuine and pirated serials generated by Key generators is good enough reason ? . . . :a :frowning:

Support the program cause it has and will pay for itself over and over again.

lol, so now CCD punishes the user like system mechanic, cdrwin, and some others huh… funny $hit…heeeheeehee

CCD might be causing a fatal error in your system.
Try this:
(for Win2K, should be similar for XP)
Right click on MY COMPUTER select PROPERTIES click the ADVANCED tab. Click the START UP AND RECOVERY button. Uncheck AUTOMATICALLY REBOOT under SYSTEM FAILURE and try it again. It wont fix CCD, but hopefully it wont shut down the system.

i have the same problem and if paradox is right about it being caused by the keygen hw can i get rid of it becoz no matter how many times i un and reinstall clonecd it still says it is registered

Originally posted by anujd
no matter how many times i un and reinstall clonecd it still says it is registered

Can I make an small suggestion,

Support Clone and purchase a license and watch your reboots go away ! and you don’t have to worry about fiddeling with registry and uninstalling and reinstalling with a pirated key any more and hoping that your clone will last till the next update. :wink:

im under 18 so obviously i dont hav a credit card and there is no chance in hell my dad would let me use his otherwise i would purchase a license.

Is a key generator causing all of your problems? Perhaps if your father knew it would only cost him $40 to keep you on the straight and narrow he would purchase the license for you. If not, try to uninstall the keygen, or if worse comes to worse reformat and start from scratch (stay away from the keygens). I pay the kid next door $10 per week to mow my lawn. I’m sure you can find a lazy neighbor like me in your area. In a month you can legally purchase a license. Wouldn’t that make Dad proud? :cop:
@Asisoft - Did you find the solution to your problem or are you using a keygen as well?

Well I have bought clone cd (i have paid for the new version) and
my pc (windows xp pro) also freeze.
This happen when i want to copy a audio cd.
Are there more people who have paid for it and also have this problem?

I have already send an e-mail to slysoft, and i hope to get an answer back ( i have to wait 4 day’s).

there’s no problem with the price its jus dat my dad thinks its unsafe to use his credit card on the net and wat do u mean reformat

Both and7 have bugs even without using a keygen/serial and the only way to revert back to to and earlier version is to do a system restore to before you installed it and then re install the older version i too have been in touch with slysoft and am waiting for a reply. have you also noticed that clone is one of the very few programs that create a system restore point before it installs that alone speaks volumes

By reformat, I mean erase the hard disk and start fresh. Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. It’s relatively easy with XP. Slightly harder with other OSs. I usually just boot from the CD, or a bootable floppy.
See this link for details:
How to reformat your hard drive
As mrmillimetre stated, you might try a system restore too. ( I never cared for that method)

Reformatting wouldn’t help.
It’s a bug as well in as in
I have deinstalled the version and have for the time being go back to the version.

I hope that slysoft will reply to my question which i have mailed to them.

They need 4 day’s but at a previous mail to them, i got never an answer (more than 1 1/5 weeks ago).

I’ve been a loyal fan of clone cd since 1.0 and a register user too
(and i was supose to get lifetime update with elby snif snif)
anyway the .17 version just make my system reboot everytime it’s the burner time (make an image on the hard disk is not the prob)but when the burner start (plextor 2410a) anywais i just remove this piece of crap and back again with the ahhh feel a lot better and no more reboot. miss you Olie:bow:

Thanks paradox