Clonecd settings for lite-on 241040b



What are the prefferable settings for this drive?
is used to have a plextor 8x4x32 and i could only read sd2 discs at 4x, and some copies couldn't be readen on normal cdr drives (does AWS fix that?).

So my questions are:

which read speed of sd2/atip discs, and which other options do i have to mark?

which options should i use in the burn window?




Fast Error Skip: on
Read speed: Max

The Liteon can read and write SafeDisc 2 at full speed. There’s no need to enable the Amplify Weak Sectors option for this drive (it can already do SafeDics 2).

The ATIP protection can be ‘disabled’ by enabling the ‘Hide CD-R Media’ option. For more info on this read this article.


Okay , but what are the fast error skip settings?
the standard ones or: 3xtimes retry and software


Use the default setting (software, read retries 3, I believe) which should work fine. The errors should only be in sector 500~10.000 (give or take a few) so watch the CloneCD log while creating the image.