CloneCD - Settings for Focus Multimedia?

Can anybody help with this annoying problem ??

Here in UK, there is a company called Focus Multimedia, who re-issue oldish games and some games that are not enough to make the market, so they distribute them

They seem to be the type of stuff thats on sale around the UK in the £10 cheapp stands that any shop can stock, also very popular in the public libraries in the UK

When I try to backup the games using the original setting for the reissued games, they won’t backup properly, also the unknown games have been backed up using standard setting, as according to ClonyXL there is no protection, but they refuse to run once backed up ??

Has anybody any suggestions as to any general setting that may work with this range of software publisher



Try to use other protection dection software. ClonyXL does report incorrect protection sometimes.

Or you can try to load the standard CloneCD copy-protection-settings-file (don’t know how to call it otherwise ;)) ‘ProtectCD.ccp’ file which was intended to handle 99% of protections out there.

Also it might be a good idea to check the discs yourself to see if you can find the protection manually:

Thanks FutureProof:

SafeDisc - look for these Files: 00000001.TMP, CLCD16.DLL, CLCD32.DLL, CLOKSPL.exe, DPLAYERX.DLL, GAME.ICD

SafeDisc2 - look for these Files: 00000001.TMP, 00000002.TMP (not always); CLCD16.DLL, CLCD32.DLL, DPLAYERX.DLL CLOKSPL.exe & GAME.ICD are missing

SecuROM - look for these Files: CMS16.DLL, CMS_95.DLL or CMS_NT.DLL in the installed directory or the CD root

SecuROM new look for these Files: sintf16.dll sintf32.dll sintfnt.dll in the Windows system directory or the CD root

Then go here for settings