CloneCD SafeDisc 2 End Result?

I know that Max Payne is protected with Safe Disc 2. After I used clonecd on it, I could install the game. I couldn’t play it though. I had to get a fixed exe. Is this supposed to happen? Thx in advance.

There have been many topics concerning Max Payne.
I have not read them, but perhaps your answer is on one of those threads…?

whats your writer
check here for writers that can make
workable SD2 copies with clonecd’s AWS

my writer is a sony crx-140e with 1.0s firmware

try these settings
Speed 4X
FES on
FES settings:
error correction software
read retries 3
all other off

To Write
Speed MAX
AWS (amplify weak sectors) on
don’t close last session on
buffer underun protection on
dont repair sub… off
good luck

I did make a duplicated CD of Max Payne with the settings and I could install from the disc. I couldn’t play though. It would just stay showing the Max Payne logo. I had to get a fixed exe to play it. I don’t think that’s supposed to happen?!

Originally posted by iHaV0FrNdS
I don’t think that’s supposed to happen?!


I don’t think your sony is able to make SD2 backups. Not even with Amplify weak sectors enabled.

Better get a new writer :wink: Hey they are not THAT expensive :stuck_out_tongue: You may look at one of the cheaper brands, like lite-on…

Thansk wutever

No the sony crx-140e with 1.0s firmware will not work

You will need a new CDR , something like the new Liteon 32x12x40

I had the sony to it will not do it

Have Fun:)

what is best burner right now? i don’t need the fastest, just the best.

The Plextor burner is ok but the Lite-on will
work better. Lite-on 24x12x40 is about $99.99
The Lite-on 32x12x40 is about $169.99.
Check out CloneCD Supported CD-Recorders
and you will find out that Lite-on has more
features than the Plextor.

The Lite-on will work with (AWS) or without

i went and checked the difference between the lite-on 24x and the plex 24x at the clonecd supported writers page and they both support the exact same modes.
i haven’t had one problem with my plex 24x.
so far copys everything.
i paid abit more for my plex 24x but the reviews and the info i found on the net pointed me towards this burner.
i think both burners are good, it all comes down to preference, quality and how much ya want to spend.


Thanks. I think I will go with the Lite-On 32x burner. Thanks for everyone’s help

Another reason to go for the lite-on is that it can copy safedisc 2.5, while the plextor currently can’t.

Where can I purchase a Lite-On burner? I went to and and searched for Lite-On and no results were found? To I have to buy it direct from the company or something?

I will send you a private message

hey! I have zero friends try

good luck!

I copied max payne and it stops installing at 2% on full installation and 3% on minimum installation??? what the f@@@ !! What am i doing wrong? thx

hey thx that was valueble info