Clonecd+ricoh mp7163a+safedisk2

How can I use this setup to backup the sims houseparty I tried it allready and it can only be read in the burner… Is there anyway around this.

check this list if your writer can make workable backups with AWS

Thanks I tried that site it must be down… Never mind I will try later, But if thats the list I looked at a while ago, according to that list the drive can…

try these settings
FES on
FES settings
3 read retries
error correction softwre
all other off

AWS on
dont close… on
burn proof/ justlink on (if your writers supports it)
all else off

Thanks mate, tried those settings, works 100% so far:)

Funny though my scsi yamaha 4416s dont see the cds and the system dont see my yamaha when my backups are in there… Strange…

But thanks again

it is strange

dont forget when you try to play the game with your
cdr recorderuse the hide cdr medis option with clonecd

i took sims hot date/house party and installed them on the kids pc, that has an ide asus dvd drive and it loaded ok, no probs so far anyway…Im going to put an old 40x cd rom back in to my system to see if that sees the cds as well, but still strange