CloneCD Restore Files and Run In Dos

I just downloaded a program called CloneCD. I cloned Windows2000 pro as a backup. That resulted in four files:

How do I restore these files so I can reload Windows 2000 pro either from a CD or best is from my hard drive. I’m about to reformat my C drive and I want to see if I might be able to install Windows 2000 pro somehow through Dos with just those four files.

The cue file there isn’t really needed. Do you want to burn the image files so that they make a nice Windows 2000 CD?

Yes, I’d like to burn the image files to make a nice Windows 2000 CD but how do you get it out of that file format of .ccd, .img, and .sub so that it can be installed. I think that I could also install it from the hard drive if I can put those files on another partition and then transfer them over to the C drive through Dos. But how would I change the file format back to the Windows format in Dos because I don’t think it would install in the current format.

I’m not sure I have followed exactly what you want to do… but I think you have a few options:

  1. Burn the image to CD (not the same as burning the files themselves). Presumably CloneCD can do that, though I generally use Nero or BAO. In Nero it is just Recorder -> Burn Image
  2. Use something like ISOBuster to extract the files from the image - e.g. to a separate partition as you suggest.
  3. Use something like Daemon Tools to mount the image as a separate drive. I can’t see any benefit doing this over 2.

The best, and easiest way, is to use CloneCD’s Write from Image File option, and burn the 3 files to a blank disc. Then, when the disc is completed, it will act and run just like the real thing :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your great tips. I’ll try to experiment with them later.

Before I saw your posts, I went ahead and reformatted my C partition which went very slow. My system will not install Windows 2000 pro from the CD in Dos Mode. So I needed to go into the I386 directory and activate WINNT.exe which then transfers files from the CD over to the C drive. That transference of files took about 1 hour.

If I keep a copy of Win2000 on my hard drive and do this from another partition through Dos, it either takes just as long to transfer the files or even longer. It is only after the files have been transferred to the C: drive that I can restart the computer and begin the Win2000 pro installation.

That all seems like a clumsy and slow way to install. I thought that other than just the advantage of having a backup, CloneCD would somehow let me quickly transfer the Win2000 files to the C drive so I could immediately begin installation but I’m not completely sure if it will extract itself in the Dos mode.

You will need some sort of disk management software installed to speed up your process try using “smartdrv.exe”, I’m not sure if this is on the disc.