CloneCd, readers & dvd

I own a Px-40TS Firm 1.12 and a PX-W124TS Firm 1.07. In the CloneCd hardware requirements the Px-40TS reader is shown as peripheral able to read the protected cd.
But actually, if I try to do it, I meet again with many reading errors, thing which do not happen with the PX-W124TS.
Therefore I would buy a dvd reader which fully support the raw reading.
I would like to ask who is in possession if the dvd Toshiba actually do this and if other dvd readers exist besides this.
What is your advice?

I’ve used a Toshiba SD-M1212 DVD IDE reader for about a year with my Plextor PX-R820 SCSI writer and CloneCD. In my experience, the Toshiba does a great job and seems able to read anything. Elaborate Bytes highly recommends the Toshiba DVD drives as readers. Since my system is all SCSI, except for the Toshiba, I just bought the Toshiba SD-M1401 10X/40X SCSI DVD to replace it. I hope it works as well as the SD-M1212 has!