CloneCD Question

Well, I got stuck with the ole ‘clonecd spits the blank at me when i burn a CD’ thing, so I went and searched through these forums and found a reference to ASPI drivers and using the ‘safe mode’ in CloneCD.
Burnt a CD fine just then.

However, I would like to know what exactly causes CloneCD not to work with its default writing method. In most, if not all cases I see here and elsewhere it is CloneCD & WinXP…has the CloneCD author(s) adressed this issue? Or has anybody come up with a solution?

Im running XP Pro with a LiteOn 24x10x40 writer. Using the ‘normal’ mode in Clonecd results in the blank being ejected and CloneCD tells me ‘Failed to write to LTR24102b’
As I said- Im currently using Win32ASPI safe mode, but Im not sure if writing safedisc/protected cds still works…can anybody tell me what benefits I will loose writing in this mode?


Running WinXP pro here with CloneCD just fine…

The CloneCD SafeMode (SM) is really a ‘last resort’ because CloneCD’s normal mode is way better. When running in SM CloneCD can’t lock the drives exclusively and this is a problem when copying copy-protected Audio discs. The OS will suddenly ‘spot’ the disc during writing and will get confused and another coaster can be added to the collection.

So it’s best to get CloneCD running in its normal mode. Recheck your ASPI layers (not needed for CloneCD but it’s best to have an up-to-date layer installed). Recheck your busmaster drivers (VIA?) and upgrade them to the latest version. Recheck everything else :wink:

Installed the latest ASPI layer. (thats how I got SM working)

Have a VIA chipset. Using the latest IDe Busmaster drivers.
I have this setup:

IDE Controller 1:
Master: Pioneer DVD - ATA/66
Slave: Liteon- ATA/33

IDE Controller 2:
Master: IBM 40gig GXP - ATA/100
Slave: Seagate 4.3gig - ATA/66

Thats the only setup that lets me have the DVD & burner using UDMA. if I put my HDDs on IDE port 1, then I can only get Multiword DMA Mode 2 for DVD/Burner. And I still get the Clonecd problem. Ive tried every combo of drive layouts. Same problem everytime. Its not my burner either, Ive also tried my mates SONY cdrw and my old mitsumi. I can read cds fine in clonecd, and I can even erase cdrw discs fine. Just cant WRITE cds.
Cant even write them in Cd Mate.
But can write cds fine in Nero

Downloading the IDE drivers again and will apply them. See how I go.

System Specs:
Athlon XP 1600+
512meg DDR

The native drivers for XP are fine & I don’t recommend upgrading - yet.
The Lite-On likes to be master, so swap it around. Upgrade the FW to the latest - tested & is OK.
Disable the third party burning software. In any event Do Not install the burning software update from MS - it does dreadful things to other burning proggys & system stability.
You may have to disable IMAPI services (recommended by SwEnSkE & VeNoM386 at the Daemon’s Forum).
Disable AIN & any disc detection software (e.g. Creative disc detector).
Get away from safe mode Author’s Comments
Using good, certified media?

Originally posted by FutureProof
You may have to disable IMAPI services (recommended by SwEnSkE & VeNoM386 at the Daemon’s Forum).
Read here how to do that…

Ill try swapping the dvd & burner around.
Until then-
IMAPI service is disabled.
AIN is disabled. Im not running anything else like the creative disc detector thingo.

Using Verbatim 80min media certified up to 16x
I have a 80min cd that came with the liteon- same problem.
Kodak 74min media (gold+silver ones) - same problem.

Ill go back to the default IDe drivers for XP, and see if I can uninstall the burner upgrade for XP

Thanks for all the help so far btw. Once I get this problem under my thumb its my shout down the pub. :smiley:

whoo hoo!

Got it working fellas!

Uninstalled the VIA IDe drivers and went back the the Microsoft ones- no luck.

Uninstalled that burner upgrade from windowsupdate and working fine now!

Once again- Thanks for all the help.