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HI, and good morning! i just downloaded this program and burnt a cd to cd copy on the fly. are there ways to set write speed on recorder? or is it controlled automatically? the reason i ask is, during the burn it showed two buffer levels which started out high then, dropped low, turned red in color, and then dropped to zero. any help is greatly appreaciated! :confused:


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As for the original question - there’s definitely a way to control burn speed with CloneCD.

Let me install it and I’ll post back :slight_smile:

Edit: here we go (this is the Copy CD window, but write Image file might be the same).
After you choose your reader, type of disc etc, you then move on to choose your burner. When you’ve chosen your burner, you’ll be presented with this window. As you can see, there’s a Write Speed drop down menu:


thanks for moving my post sorry! i noticed what i had done after words. i will try and post in the correct place next time :slight_smile:


From the CloneCD manual. (help)
Write Button: Copy from Image File to CD-Reader

With the Write Button you can write an Image File to CD-R Media.

Press the Write Button now.

First Window

On the left-hand side CloneCD shows the address of the Image File created the last time. On the right-hand side you’ll find the matching properties. If you agree with the choice of the Image File click on “Next”. If not, click on “Browse”, choose an Image File from your folder and click on “Next” now.

You have the option to select the checkbox “Delete after successful Write”. If this checkbox is enabled, the Image File will be deleted after a successful Write. It will not be deleted if the Write was aborted, an error occurred or a Write Simulation was done.

Second Window

Analog to the Reading process you’ll find your CD Readers and CD Writers on the left-hand side and on the right the device capabilities. Choose a CD Writer. Clicking the right mouse button opens a context menu - please select “Eject” and insert your CD-R Media into the drive. Double-click on the selected CD Writer or click on “Next” to close the CD Writer’s tray.

Third Window

Also for the writing process you’ll find CloneCD Profiles. CloneCD remembers the Profile chosen for the Reading process and does suggest it while marking the Profile as grey. If you do not agree with the suggested Profile, please choose the right one.

Above that you can specify the Write Speed which is going to be used. Max means the maximum speed your CD Writer supports. Before setting a high speed, you should try a simulated write to check if your computer is fast enough to supply the CD Writer with data.

You have the option to select the checkbox “Simulate writing”. If this checkbox is enabled, CloneCD will perform a simulated write. With a simulated write you can check if your computer is can fast enough supply the CD Writer with data without risking to destroy a medium. For the simulation to work an empty Disc has to be inserted but no data will be actually written. Please note that not all CD Writers will support this.

If you agree with all setting please click on “OK”. The writing process begins.

In the Main Window and the Log Window you’ll see the writing progress. Once the writing is finished, you’ll hear a jingle and a small window pops up.

Confirm with OK. The Image File was written to your CD-R Media.

The Menu Item “Write from File…” has the same function as the Write Button.

The Write Button is disabled (marked as grey) if no CD Writer was found.


No worrys crippledchicken we all have to learn, it is a pleasure having you here. You have the best Moderator and members helping you, from the above you should have your answer.:clap:


I don’t know about the best ;)…but see above, there’s a screenshot which shows the write speed menu. :slight_smile:


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