CloneCD / Protect-VOB

Through ClonyXXL i found out my Mixed-Mode CD has an ProtectCD-VOB.
TOC illegal and Tracks<4sec. are ticked.
After that, i’ve chosen CloneCD to burn a data cd (CD-RW) with my Lite-On DVD/CD-R(W) writer, i get a message everything went fine.
When i have installled the file, i get the message ‘Disk verrification error’
Does anyone know what went wrong?

Should i use other programs?

Hi crypto,

CloneCD won’t do the job. You’ll have to use Alcohol, they got a trial for 30 days if I’m not wrong. Choose VOB Protect-CD profile for reading and writing and you should be fine. What’s the title of the game?

THX for the tip !

I started to do it with Alcohol120%
Although, after a while i get several ‘error- messages’ like ‘Disk : reading error , sector …’
Can be normal , because the file on the disk is approx. 11 MB.
I’ll try another time, because it goes very slow (about 0.1X).