CloneCD Profiles

just wondering if G@M3RFR3@K and FutureProof knew about this.

yep, we did. They’re all over the place and some purport to copy some generally uncopyable stuff like Key2Audio which needs a specific reader/writer as well as the profile :wink:

We could end up posting a LOT of profiles, one for this brand/model/FW one for another. The SD2 ignore profile will work for Lite-On, ASUS and Toshiba…I hope the LGs, too; in fact any two-sheep burner.

We have some more profiles that we’re playing with and they will go up soon. We’ll have a look at CloneDVD, probably in April, then wait for another revision of CloneCD. I don’t think Clone will come out again without a SecuROM 4.8x feature. It’s ability up to SD2.80.010, LaserLock, Ring Protech and some Audio Prots with the right hardware (Lite-On 52x and Plex), is indisputable.

CloneCD has probably gone as far as it can, with respect to Ignore and AWS, with SD2 without emulating further parts of the protection which is not the idea of 1:1…all this is just speculation and my opinion :slight_smile: