Clonecd problem

I have finally gotten cloneCD to install properly, only to come to another problem. When i try to read an image it reads at less than 1x (at one stage it was reading at 14kps), i never had a problem when i was using win98se but since i went to XP i have had numerous problems with clonecd.

What are you trying to read? If it’s a safedisc protected cd, the reading speed is very low for the first 10,000 sectors or so.

it is safedisc, my impatience was the problem then, i was canceling after about 1% so i never got past the first 10000.

Set your read retries to zero and that should speed things up a bit.

Knowing the reader brand or model and the possibility that you have seen the “must read” links in my signature would help :wink: