CloneCD Problem Or CD Media Problem?

Hello people,
I have been trying to copy Worms World Party which is protected using SafeDisc 2.3 and there is one problem, when I trying to copy the disc to a SmartBuy’s Audio CDRW (Can be found in CompUSA.), it seems that I will get some unreadable files on the CD. That didn’t happen to me before when I got CCD3, anywayz now I am using CCD4 (lastest version).

My Burner: Mirco-Solution’s Backpack CD-Rewriter 4E (Mitsumi CR-4804TE)
Read: Max, Subs ON, Repair Subs OFF, Error Control OFF, Audio Xtraction : Best
Write: 4x (maximum for this writer).

Can somebody help? :rolleyes:

Did you change anything other than the versions of CloneCD? Upgrades, uninstalls, etc. ? There is a way to find out if it is the media or clonecd, try installing clonecd 3 again and then burning it, if it works then its clonecd if not then its the media.

Well, now I don’t have the CCD3 setup anymore, and also if I do, I don’t think I will re-install it… o wellz :frowning: