CloneCD Pop-Up Error for no aparent reason

Hi, I’ve just installed CloneCD on a system. My problem is when I try to copy one of my own CD-Rs onto a backup. The CD I want to copy was burned on a different machine, but it’s just a vanilla CD-R with no copy protection. All I want to do is make a backup. When I try to copy the CD to a blank CD-R or even to a disc image I get a pop-up error message stating:

Value must be between 1 and 2147483647

Clicking OK makes CloneCD quit. No explanation. Any ideas?

No idea what’s happening but why bother with a specialist duping app anyway? Why not just do an ordinary disc copy with nero or whatever?

I tried that, my Nero doesn’t seem to recognize either of my DVD burners. CloneDVD does recognize them though and they work fine when I use them for that program. I can’t tell if the problem is because of AnyDVD installation or if there is something else going on.