Clonecd, Pinoneer A03 DVD drive

any hints from you why even in data mode clonecd (4.x) reads with max. 4* speed insteed of 16* as the drive should read? I selected max. and/or 16* speed but the maximun i can get is 4*. I am using an xp based P4 2.0 system. With nero there is no problem to read the same cd with 16* speed. Any hints?


Perhaps SubChannel Data reading of audio and/or data is enabled in the CloneCD Profile? That can slow down reading for some drives. Although the disc may not use SubChannel Data your drive is reading it. So try to disable these options in the Profile. They’re not needed for unprotected discs.

Thanx for your answer, but no “extra” options are used. when i use the cdr drive i have no probs using Clonecd with using high speed. Only the Pioneer A03 DVD drive (2.02) is slow.

Any hints