CloneCD or CDmate?

Why are more people using CloneCD? CDmate is awesome, and really easy to use and has more features then CloneCD. I know that CloneCD and Pirates have a really good history, but I really think that CDMate is kinda Kicking cloneCd in the ass cause of how straight forward it is with copying copy protected games. The only thing CdMate is missing is a Cd Scanner that is buildt in and will select the options for you, but that would just make it to easy. What I am trying to get at is the input from people that use CDMate over CloneCD? I have CDMate installed but for some reason I always Goto CloneCD when I am copying a CD. I am also thinking about making a site for CDMate and I am looking for some people to help out with that. I quess this post does not have much of a purpose except for talking about CdMate and why people should used it over CloneCD. Any input is very welcome, thanks

I have the exact same ‘problem’ like you have… Although CD Mate sounds promising and it definately also looks promising I always go to CloneCD when I want something back-upped… Why? Well CloneCD has been around since the beginning and it looks so easy to use… I know it isn’t (getting the right settings is a problem for a lot of people) but there are only four buttons to use :slight_smile: CD Mate also has a disadvantage of being roughly 7.5MB’s large so modem users will hesitate to use it…

I had a talk with ‘q’ from the English CD Mate site ( and he told me they are working on reducing the filesize… They’re also working on a build-in protection scanner :slight_smile:

I will definately spend more time on CD Mate soon though and see how it works/goes.

cd mate or clonecd?
what a stupid question if you really are a burner…

I actually bought CD Mate but it never worked for me with my Plextor 24x and SD2. I gave up about a month ago as it never really fixed the problem. I tried copying the Plextor and then I tried using a Toshiba 1502 to copy and the Plextor to burn the game but nothing worked. Meanwhile CloneCD and Blindwrite Suite work just great.

Do you hear that they fixed it for the Plextor 24x with SD2? Is it worth a try?:confused:

damn a new prob i also have a plex , and on top of that my cdmate and xp are acting strange toghether

k i just got CD Mate 'cuz Clone CD freezes my comp. every time I load it and CD Mate doesn’t so ya.


  K I got an Acer 4x4x32 and it supports all the RAW and Sub Channel Reading blah blah etc. and it's on Clone CD's compatibility list so I dont think it is a problem w/ my writer.  I tried to burn Ghost Recon which has SafeDisc v2 on it and after I got done attempting to burn it, I would stick it in my other CD-ROM reader and it would make these weird sounds that I've never heard before. After a million years of what sounded like trying to auto-run the cd. I went into My Computer and looked on the cd, all the files were there, except all the icons for like the setup or for the actualy ghostrecon.exe were the default windows ones. Is that normal? Anyway, every time I tried to click on setup.exe my cd-reader would start trying to run it but to no avail.  So, I need some advice from all the people on these forums because most likely you guys have been doing this stuff alot longer that I have. Thanx a ton. I'm running win 98, AMD k6-3+ 500 @ 500, emm, I don't know, u might need that info. Hope you can help! :confused:

I wish I could help but I can’t really since CD Mate has never worked for me with SD2 games. I can’t imagine why CloneCD freezed up on your computer. You could try to post in the CloneCD forum or post to Ollie at CloneCD directly or at Clone CLinic if you can’t get help here. Did you scandisk and defrag lately or at all? :frowning:

Originally posted by esdee
cd mate or clonecd?
what a stupid question if you really are a burner…

Are you implying that you are stupid because

a) You use CloneCD

b) You refuse to try something that might be better (i.e. CD-Mate)

c) You are afraid of change

d) You have a monetary investment in CloneCD (at leat this one would give some plausible basis for your sophormoric comment)

Give me a break, please. Which program are you suggesting is better? CloneCD? I for one have had more success with the new SafeDisc 2.51.xx on MoH:AA with the CD-Mate than wth CloneCD. Do not mock what you do not understand. My LiteOn 32x works with both , but my Plextor 16x burns MoH:AA PERFECTLY with CD-Mate, but not with Clone CD. Even if I do say I live in Canada…:wink:

And if you don’t understand that <i>last</i> line - then you aren’t “really a burner.”

I am not used to dealing with hysterics, especially ones that have poor reading comprehension. I bought CD Mate to help a new company that I thought hadf good potential, which a do fairly often. It simply has not worked with my configuration. Case closed.:rolleyes:


Notice I wasn’t quoting you :stuck_out_tongue: I was quoting the cough genius cough esdee who was saying it is stupid to ask whether one should use CloneCD or CD-Mate.

Now as to the hysterics part - I think I replied to him rather calmly - I simply wanted to comment it makes oneself look stupid to call another’s question stupid.

As to the poor reading part - well, I read his and your post just fine, thank you. perhaps you should try reading my post again, and notice the quote. BTW as far as the reading goes - I have a Master’s in History, a BS in CompSci, and am an officer in the Army - hence I do a LOT of reading.

I read in other forums that you werent prepared to give cd mate another install as it never worked for you.
I contacted you a couple of times and never got a reply!
There are almost no major problems that we are aware of in the latest releases!
If you would like to try installing the latest cd mate and send us your logfiles im pretty sure we could fix your problems in a day or 2 if you give us the chance.

I use CloneXXL and CloneCD for all copies, but if I have a game to copy…I always look on the site, and when I see that there’s made a succesfull copy from my game I take that settings and burn him with CD-Mate…But Audio-prottections and Fligt Simulator 2002 had never worked for me with CD-Mate.



Well, I use ClonyXXL to scan the protection of a cd. Then I start CD Mate, select the profile for the copy protection ClonyXXL recognized and here we go…

Additionally I use Exact Audio Copy & LAME to “prepare” my audio cds (compress & decompress).

No problems at all with my 24x Plextor on Windows ME (even with SD2 new).

Also CD Mate has got a Label Designer and features like Nero, so everything you need. CloneCD never worked for me. I AM an experienced user but still it is always the same problem with finding the right settings…

IMHO CD Mate will get more popular in the future and CloneCD will have to “invent” some new cool features such as AWS if it still wants to be an outstanding program.

But that’s just my opinion… :slight_smile:

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Dear Timekills,

Sorry, I guess it is I who have poor reading comprehension. I thought you were referencing my statement.:confused:

Also, I posted this elsewhere but just to set the record straight since I had stated I couldn’t back up SD2 games with CD Mate, I was able to copy MOHAA an SD2.51 protected game with CD Mate and my Liteon 40x. I used the CD Mate selected settings and it played great in my Toshiba 1502 DVD. So, I see that CD Mate is on track and I guess it was a good investment after all iif it keeps improving. I still have yet to be able to copy the old SD2 but I will try again and maybe someone can tell me the settings they use for that.:cool:

Personally, I use both of these programs for different reasons…the main thing I dont’ like about clonecd is its unability to write from different images such as; .iso, .bin or .nrg

So, if I have a different image to burn I can use cd-mate to burn it. I do like the fact that cd-mate is trying to be an all around burning program inside of a game backup specialist…

I had been strictly going straight to clonecd when I wanted to backup my games, but now I find myself drifting to cd-mate since just about every game has been backed up with it and you can find the appropiate settings on their website.:Z

But all in all, I think it depends on what you’re going to be using your burner for…I like the idea of just having one burning proggie on my computer that does everything, instead of having to load several on my computer to do each separate job.

Wow…that was a little long-winded for me…I’m outta here:cool:

What we really need for CD Mate is VCD/SVCD authoring. :slight_smile: